If you are suffering from an injury, surgery or other problem limiting you from your daily routine, we can help. By providing the most experienced hand therapy and upper extremity rehabilitation in the area, we can target the problems in the most effective manner. Getting you back to work, play or taking care of your family again... helping you get you back, is what really matters in a therapy program.

As certified hand therapists, we specialize in the rehabilitation of injuries and related conditions that cause impairment of function in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. With skilled evaluation techniques, we address issues of motion, strength, pain, sensation, wound and scar conditions, swelling, and most importantly - function. What our patients need to do, and what their limitations are, is critical in developing and modifying a treatment plan. Patient input is absolutely necessary for achieving an excellent result, which is always the goal.

We have a relationship with physicians and referral sources to aid with communication for optimal care. Linda has been an Occupational Therapist since 1984. She achieved her CHT status from the first Hand Therapy Certification exam in 1991.

Linda and the team treat a variety of conditions, orthopedic, as well as neurological.

Some of the most common diagnosis are:
·         Rotator cuff injuries
·         Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulites
·         Elbow fractures
·         Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis elbow
·         Wrist and hand fractures
·         Tendon lacerations
·         Nerve injuries
·         Tendonitis of the wrist and hand
·         Trigger finger, pre and post op
·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pre and post op
·         Arthritic conditions
·         Joint replacement of the upper extremity

Modifications are made to treatment plans to ensure the proper level of activity and exercise is achieved.  Patient education is critical to assure patient understanding of their condition.  We provide and monitor home exercises during the course of treatment.