What to expect-
Whether you were hurt at work, on vacation or just at home, we are able to help you through the rehabilitation process.  From the first phone call, our staff is able to guide you and assure you that you are in the best hands.  We will typically be able to see you within two days of your call to us.  It is important for you to get started on the road to recovery and we understand that the process is sometimes a bit scary.  When you come in for your first appointment, the therapist will discuss why you have come to therapy and what you would like to achieve from therapy.  Your motion, strength, soft tissue, sensation and function are assessed.   We typically provide some therapy on the first day as well as provide a home exercise program.  We are very willing to answer questions and provide support to assure you of a reasonable, realistic outcome.

Treatment may include the use of heat or other modalities to prepare tissue for exercise and/or reduce pain.  A licensed therapist will provide hands on treatment as well as structure a program to improve strength, dexterity, scar conditions for better overall function. 

                        Range of motion assessment
                        Strength measurements
                        Sensibility screening
                        Tissue condition assessment
                        Functional assessment
                        Treatment Planning

            Initial treatment &
            Follow Up treatment
                                    Hot Packs
                                    Electrical Stimulation
                                    Iontophoresis, with medication
                                    Cold Packs
                                    Cold laser therapy
                        Manual Therapy
                                    Massage- scar, retrograde, myofascial work, deep tissue
                                    Joint mobilizations
                                    Passive, active assisted and active motion
                                    Slow stretching and contract-relax technique
                                    Other various manual work
                        Strengthening and Functional Activities
                                    Progressive program to gradually increase one’s functional level
                                    Work simulation
                                    Work Therapy Program

                        Custom fabricated orthosis or splints to meet a variety of goals:
                                    Stabilization, may be used following surgery to protect repaired                                          tissue
                                    Mobilization, may be used to stretch a stiff joint for better motion
                                    Substitution of motion, to promote motion of a weakened area
                                    Controlled mobility, to allow restricted motion of a joint