Education patients on their conditions, their surgury and precautions helps to maximize successful rehabilitation.   Tennis elbow and other elbow centered afflictions are often at the root of hand, wrist and shoulder pain. Custom orthotics are made to provide a better fitting product.  “Off the shelf” braces are less likely to be comortable and less likely to provide the support needed.  Therapy at The Hand Institute provides the relief you need To maximize hand function, dexterity activities such as use of dice and other manipulatives helps to restore functional use of the hand for people post operatively or after injury. Mirror therapy is a technique used to improve hand funtions.   The Hand Institute is the only Occupational Therapy Group Treating all issues involving Hands, Wrists Elbows and Shoulders Strenghtening exercises are used to help restore function of the upper extremity to help return injured workers to their jobs.  We also provide Functional Capacity Evaluation and work hardening programs.   The Hand Institute’s Shoulder Therapy may resolve rotator cuff, bursitis and other common painful inflictions of the upper arm and shoulder. Heat and Stretching may be used to improve motion which may be challenging to achieve. We fabricate custom orthotics to patients to maximize the fit and provide specific needs of patients.  We use orthotics to provide immobilization following surgery, to promote motion at a specific joint or to rest an inflammed area such as an arthritic hand.    They are often needed to meet post operatvie needs or are a better fit for resting and support on an area where prefabricated braces are not adequate.   The Hand Institute’s effective and comprehensive treatment gets you back quickly to Family, Work and Play Manual Therapy is an essential part of what we do. While exercise is important, it is only a complement to what is achieved with hands on treatment. We provide hands on treatment to promote motion in a controlled manner taking into consideration precautions and protocols for each diagnosis.  Understanding surgical procedures gives are therapists the experience to be able to appropriately and progressively mobilize joints.    The Hand Institute’s therapy for fractures, sprains and dislocations of wrists, hands and fingers returns pain free functionality.
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     Welcome to our relaxing atmosphere, at the Institute for Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation  Specializing in rehabilitation for the hand and upper extremity lets you feel at ease that you are in the right place for maximizing your rehabilitation. Our relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease and provide the emotional support needed during recovery from an injury or diagnosis causing dysfunction.

    As certified hand therapists, we do a comprehensive evaluation to assess the individual needs of the patient. Just because you have a wrist fracture, doesn’t mean you won’t have a tight or stiff, painful shoulder to go with it. By tending to all areas of the upper extremity, treatment goals will be created to make sure all areas of patient concern are addressed with the treatment plan.

    We are privately owned, allowing you to get the quality of therapy you need at a price that is affordable. Facility based practices are likely to have higher costs to the patient if deductibles and co-insurances are passed on to the patient. ...

    Some of the most common diagnosis

    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulites
    • Elbow fractures
    • Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis elbow
    • Wrist and hand fractures
    • Tendon lacerations
    • Nerve injuries
    • Tendonitis of the wrist and hand
    • Trigger finger, pre and post op
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pre and post op
    • Arthritic conditions
    • Joint replacement of the upper extremity

    The The Hand Institute treats all these conditions.

    We are unique in our setting by providing a welcoming atmosphere where patients become friends. We understand the concerns of patients when starting a therapy program so we take the time to explain the process and make people feel at ease when the arrive for their first visit. It is not all about pain and in fact do not promote pain with the therapy program.

    We are the only privately owned hand therapy practice in the Philadelphia suburbs and Lehigh Valley. Modifications are made to treatment plans to ensure the proper level of activity and exercise is achieved. Patient education is critical to assure patient understanding of their condition. We provide and monitor home exercises during the course of treatment.

    Excellent Experience

    Testimonial: 2018-07-30
    "Excellent experience. Cheryl definitely knew how to help me feel strong during such a weak time. Only complaint would be that often it seemed like Cheryl had way too many people scheduled at one time..felt like she was juggling everyone around and i sometimes had to sit there and wait. Not a huge deal but wish it was more 1 on 1 all the time." -   Jennifer V.